Coaxial Adapter and Coaxial Pigtails

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We offer various coaxial pigtails and also coaxial adapters. Both the adapters and connectors as well as the pigtails are offered in different plug variations. Adapters convert directly from one plug/jack format to the other, while for pigtails the two plugs/jacks are connected with a short flexible adapter cable - in our case mostly RG178 or RG316 cables.


N-Jack to MMCX R/A Plug Pigtail RG316

This pigtail with a 25cm RG316 cable has a N-Female Jack and a MMCX right angle plug (Male). Nut and snap ring are included in delivery scope.
available immediately (2-3 working days)
5,90 € incl tax

N-Jack Cap

This cap is suitable for N-Jacks (Female).
available immediately (2-3 working days)
4,90 € incl tax

IPEX to RP-SMA Jack Pigtail RG178

IPEX and RP-SMA Jack (Female) Pigtail with a 20cm long RG178 cable. Delivery scope include a nut and a snap ring.
available immediately (2-3 working days)
5,60 € incl tax

SMA Jack RP to MMCX Plug R/A RG178 Pigtail

Pigtail with a right-angle MMCX Plug and a RSMA JACk (Female), has a 25cm long RG178 cable. Nut and snap ring are included in delivery scope.
available immediately (2-3 working days)
5,90 € incl tax

N-Jack Cap with Chain

Cap with chain, that is suitable for n-Jack (Female)
available immediately (2-3 working days)
5,20 € incl tax

Coaxial Pigtails

Pigtails are mostly used as adapters to connect two components of a structure using different connector systems. They consist of a connection cable - in our case mostly coaxial cables with the standard RG178 or RG316 - and have a plug attachment at the respective ends. In this way, for example, two devices of different series can be interconnected. The cable length for pigtails is limited to 30 cm and is therefore only suitable for short connections. With pigtails also external antennas with mounts can be connected to WiFi routers.

Coaxial Adapter

Adapters are just like pigtails ideal to connect different devices with each other, this is usually necessary because there are many different connector systems. Here, the coaxial adapter is screwed onto the existing connector and can be used directly. The use of adapters is particularly useful if an already existing coaxial cable doesn’t match the jack of the device to which it is to be connected. An adapter is a cheap alternative, so no new cable needs to be purchased.

If you have any questions about which adapter or pigtail you need, do not hesitate to contact us.

Various types of connectors on offer

This is a miniature RF connector suitable for high frequency signals up to 6 GHz. It is very often used when space is very limited, for example in WiFi routers or in laptops. Among other things, pigtails with this connector can be used to connect external WiFi antennas to the Mini-PCI-Card inside devices.

This connector was first used in the US Navy. N plugs are coaxial connectors with a screw lock. They can be used for high frequency ranges up to 11 GHz and with an impedance of 50 ohms. N plugs/jacks are very commonly used in professional radio frequency engineering and antenna technology.

This is the reverse-polarity variant of SMA. Most often, this connector is used on WiFi devices for the antenna connection. The plug has an internal thread and an inner conductor as a metal tube and the jack has an external thread with a mandrel as an inner conductor. RP-SMA is suitable for RF signals up to 26.5 GHz.

This is a special form of TNC plug connection and is designed for up to 11 GHz. The plugs have a female jack-shaped (female) central contact and the jacks a plug-shaped (male).

These connectors are very small and have a diameter of 3 mm. They are suitable for use up to 6 GHz and an impedance of 50 Ohms.