Coaxial Crimp-Plugs and Jacks

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On this page we offer you RF crimp coaxial plugs and coaxial jacks. With these you can make your own cables such as antenna cables, and thus can connect to antennas and devices.


N-Jack Crimp for RG58

This HF-Crimp with a N-Jack is suitable for RG58
available immediately (2-3 working days)
2,75 € incl tax

N-Plug Crimp for RG58

HF-Crimp with a N-Plug suitable for a range of cables, e.g. RG58.
available immediately (2-3 working days)
2,95 € incl tax

N-Jack Cap with Chain

Cap with chain, that is suitable for n-Jack (Female)
available immediately (2-3 working days)
5,20 € incl tax

N-Jack Cap

This cap is suitable for N-Jacks (Female).
available immediately (2-3 working days)
4,90 € incl tax

Crimp Plugs andJacks

Coaxial plugs allow you to connect coaxial cables to, for example, a WiFi antenna or a wireless router. Depending on the cable type, components and usage requirements, you will need to use different types of connectors.

We offer you various coaxial plugs and sockets for the cable types RG58, HDF200, C200, LMR200 and RG174, RG188, RG316, CLF100, HDF100. You have to choose the plug or socket to match your devices and their application. For a jack (female) connector on your device you will need a plug (male) connector on your cable and vice versa. In addition, there is a reverse polarity version of all connectors, here the polarity is reversed.

If you have any questions about which type of plug is the right one for you, please feel free to contact our customer service by mail or telephone.

We offer the following types of plugs and jacks

SMA or RP-SMA plugs and jacks are among the most commonly found in the WiFi area connectors. They are mainly used in frequency ranges from 1GHz to 26.5GHz, the impedance is usually 50 ohms.
The SMA connector has a union nut with a pin as inner conductor. The SMA socket accordingly has an external thread and is equipped with a metal tube as an inner conductor.
The difference between RP-SMA is not obvious at first glance, because they look the same externally. However, the RP-SMA connector has a metal tube as the inner conductor and the RP-SMA connector has an inner conductor. This is exactly the opposite of SMA.

The N connector is connected to the N socket with a screw lock. The impedance is usually 50 ohms. This connector is used up to a frequency range of about 11 GHz and has a very low contact resistance. The field of application is the antenna technology

RP-TNC is a special form of TNC connector. Externally, this is similar to the TNC connector, but you will find internally a female (socket-shaped) Tenter contact with the RP-TNC connector and the socket is a male (plug-shaped) contact.