WiFi Solutions for Boat, Yacht and Camper

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You want to connect your devices on your boat with a remote WiFi Access Point at the harbor or at a campinground? As the distance to the WiFi in the harbor is usually relatively far, you need a WiFi-Adapter with an excellent transmission and reception performance as well as a suitable outdoor antenna.
In order to allow an easy selection and assembly, we have several well-matched, ready-to-use bundles with everything that you need (matching devices/accessories/instructions on initial set-up/installation recommendations).

The bundles differ primarily in the number of devices you wish to connect to the Internet.
If you do not find a suitable package for your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us as an experienced partner. All components are also available individually too.

ALFA Network

ALFA Network Tube-U(V) + 9dBi Omni Antenna

Set of Outdoor USB WiFi Adapter (ALFA Tube-U(V)) and a suitable Outdoor Omnidirectional Antenna (ALFA AOA-2409TF). The ALFA Tube-U(V) has a Realtek RTL8188EU...
available immediately
54,44 € incl tax
ALFA Network

ALFA Network Tube 2H + 9dBi Omni Antenna

Set of Outdoor USB WiFi Router (ALFA Tube 2H) with client function and a suitable 9dBi Omnidirectional Antenna (ALFA AOA-2409TF). The Tube 2H of ALFA Network...
available immediately
67,50 € incl tax

Good to know: To connect with a faraway Wireless-Lan you need a WiFi-Network-Adapter with a large transmission and reception performance. Commercial WiFi-Adapters often reach only bad results here. Equally important is choosing the right antenna. Since an undisturbed signal dispersion is necessary for long-distance-connections, the use of "normal" Indoor Antennas is disadvantageous as the wireless signal is already weakened considerably by the cabin walls. To operate "on deck" you need an appropriate, weatherproof Outdoor Antenna. If the installation on deck is either not possible or desired, we can also offer "below deck"-only systems. Mounting With our solutions the Outdoor Antenna (or an Antenna and a Wireless-Network-Adapter) is mounted on deck. For this purpose, you can find a variety of mounting solutions in our shop. Cables and signal path Each signal is weakened while it is transmitted via a cable. Depending on how far the distance is, it may cause connection problems. Most of our solutions offer WiFi-Adapters that are installed in a waterproof housing and have direct connectors for the antenna. This prevents loss of signal as the cable from the antenna to the WiFi-Adapter usually is the main cause for attenuation. Thus the whole power of the wireless device is available at the antenna and the wireless device is connected to your computer without loss. The maximum length of passive USB cables is approximately 10m. In order to bridge longer distances you need an active USB extension cable. If you use an adapter with an Ethernet port, you can even realize distances of up to 100m to PC/Router.