Wirless solution for one computer, Mac or Laptop

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Nowadays everybody wants to be able to go online on vacation. Sometimes you want to do this but not with several devices but only with a single PC, Mac or laptop. This is often difficult when the distance to the access point (public hotspot, WiFi in the hotel, port or campsite) increases. Especially as Laptops often have a low reception range for WLAN networks.

A simple solution is one of our WiFi solutions for a single device. These consist of a WiFi adapter and an antenna. This combination gives them a very long range. The WiFi adapter is connected to your device via USB or Ethernet cable and you can connect to the desired WiFi and use it after a simple setup.

ALFA Network

ALFA Network Tube 2H + 9dBi Omni Antenna

Set of Outdoor USB WiFi Router (ALFA Tube 2H) with client function and a suitable 9dBi Omnidirectional Antenna (ALFA AOA-2409TF). The Tube 2H of ALFA Network...
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79,99 € incl tax